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A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Baby boomers are changing what retirement looks like. Instead of assisted-living or skilled-care facilities, they're thinking "Why should I move? I'm happy where I am."

This concept has even earned its own buzzphrase: "Living in Place."

An AARP survey shows:

  • 90% of older adults want to stay in their homes as long as possible.
  • Two-thirds feel it's "important" or "very important" to be near friends and family when they retire.
Of course, houses can change over the years. You may discover that stairs get steeper, tub walls get harder to step over, and bathrooms move further away.

So it's a good idea to take an honest, thorough look at your home and determine what could be improved for your retirement. Watch your parents as well as older relatives and friends to see if they struggle with parts of your home.

Here's a brief checklist to be sure your home will be safe and comfortable for your later years:

  • Full bath on the first floor.
  • No steps between rooms on the same floor.
  • At least one no-step entry into the home.
  • Non-slip flooring in hallways.
  • Reduce bills with energy efficient appliances, including heating and air conditioning.
  • Faucets with lever (not turning) handles, or foot-operated.
  • Handrails on both sides of a staircase.
  • Lighting in closets.
If your house needs tweaking, PLCU can help. With a Green Living Loan, you can reduce energy bills by installing solar panels, while also helping the environment.

Or use your equity to pay for improvements. We have fixed rate, closed-end loans, and a versatile line of credit, both with affordable rates.

Living in place, surrounded by the people, places and things you're attached to, sounds great. Let us know if we can help make it happen for you.

Ted Dennis

Study: GfK Custom Research North America for AARP.

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