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17th Annual Scholarship Awards

If you are a high school student who earns good grades, is involved in the community, and has college plans, you could win awards totaling up to $5,500. Three winners will receive scholarships of $2,500 each; then, if you maintain a 2.75 GPA (out of 4.0) while carrying at least 12 units, you'll receive an additional $1,000 each for your sophomore, junior and senior years. Click here for entry information.

Past scholarship winners
1998 Brian Braden, Janet Frayne, Aaron Sander
1999 Julie Cha, Meredith Houlton, Ricardo Merentez
2000 Marisol Rodriguez, Ariel Rief, Trisha Wills
2001 Czarina Baker, Daniel Hoffman, Thomas Mantione
2002 Alex Hebert-Brown, Jesse Cortez, Katherine Outland
2003 Kimberly Barth, Naveen Krishnan, Nathaniel Smith
2004 Angela Mantione, Jacqueline Rez, Jenna Tatum
2005 Nathan Beck, David Daniels, Janet Hwu
2006 Michael Berry, Jasmine Lake, Shelby Zimmerman
2007 Elvira Kras, Nicholas Mantione, Daniel Stark
2008 Breanna Berry, Shannon McClintock, Nailah Spruill
2009 Benjamin Rosenblum, Andrew Sindoni, Michael Skinner
2010 Yoseph Desta, Kyle Green, Nicole Miller
2011 Keegan Mann, Kelsey Tibbitts, Joshua Yang
2012 Kristin Preston, Gautam Soundararajan, Alexa Wolfe
2013 Rachel Flores, Elizabeth Miller, Calvin Yao
2014 Chandler Rogers, Preetam Soundararajan, Catherine Wu


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