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Protect Yourself From Vishing Attacks

Vishing attacks begin with members receiving e-mail messages pretending to be from the credit union.  They are told in the e-mail that their credit card had been deactivated, and to call a toll-free number to reactivate it.  If the member calls the number, they are asked for their card information.  This message is not from Point Loma Credit Union.  Please do not respond by calling the phone number.  The IP address of the e-mail indicates it did not come from Point Loma Credit Union or

What is Vishing?

Vishing is another kind of Phishing.  Phishing tries to get your banking information by luring you to a website with a link in an e-mail.  Vishing tries to do the same thing by using an e-mail or even a text message to get you to call a toll-free number that you think belongs to your bank.

The word “Vishing” is a combination of VoIP and Phishing.  VoIP (Voice over IP) is a telecommunications technique enabling telephone calls over the Internet.  Many people trust the telephone rather than a link in an e-mail, and are more likely to divulge their personal, confidential information.

Here is what the recent e-mail looks like:

Common Sense is Your Best Defense.

  • You should always be skeptical of anyone contacting you and attempting to gain your private banking or personal information, whether by phone, e-mail, or texting (yes, it is also being done with text messaging!). 
  • If you receive an email directing you to call a specified telephone number, disregard it and contact the financial institution directly with a number you know is valid, such as the one from your account statement or telephone book.
  • Educating others can be very helpful.  Let your friends and neighbors know what you have learned about vishing and other security related matters and caution them to be on guard for these types of attacks.

If you receive a communication from Point Loma Credit Union that is not a direct response to an inquiry you made, and you are suspicious about its intent, please contact us.  You can e-mail us and forward any suspicious messages you receive to  Or you can call us at (858) 495-3400 or (888) 495-3400 (toll-free) or visit any branch.

Related Scams

Phishing — E-mails that lead you to a counterfeit web site that tries to get your personal information.

Smishing — Text messages on your mobile device with an 800-number to call to "unlock" your online access (when you give up your personal information).

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