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Solar Loans

Save with a sunny outlook

Point Loma Credit Union is here to help you conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy costs too!

Photovoltaic (PV) power generating systems turn sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits PV panels, they generate an electric current, which is converted via an inverter into electricity to power your home. A PV system enables you to generate some or all of your daily electricity needs. A special net energy meter tracks excess power generated, providing you with a credit that can be used when your system is not producing (e.g., at night).

Your house remains connected to the electricity grid, so any electricity needs not provided by your system are simply and automatically drawn from the grid provided by your utility.

  To view our Homeowner's Guide to Solar Panels CLICK HERE

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Solar Loans available through PLCU


Why Go Solar?

  • Solar generating systems can reduce your monthly electricity bill and generate energy for your home for 20 years or more.

  • The electricity generated by your system is clean, renewable and reliable.

  • Rebates from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) are at their highest, declining as more megawatts of solar are reserved.

  • Solar technologies are reliable and effective and come with a 10-year warranty.

    Get Credit for the Energy You Produce!


    NEM is a special billing arrangement that allows you to receive credit for the full retail value of the electricity your system exports to the utility. Your special net energy meter keeps track of your electricity generation and consumption. Over a 12-month period, you pay for the net amount of electricity that you consume, less any generation export credit you have accrued - saving you money.

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  To view our Homeowner's Guide to Solar Panels CLICK HERE

Here you can:

  • Find solar contractors in your area.

  • View the CSI Consumer Guide.

  • Learn more about the CSI with helpful statistics including average system costs.

  • Get more information on new solar home communities.

  • Obtain a copy of the CSI Program Handbook.

  • Use the Clean Power Estimator, which enables you to estimate your solar savings.

  • Learn about energy-efficiency rebates offered through your Program Administrator.

  • We'll plant a tree in your name

  • When you take out a green loan, we will plant a tree in your name. Your tree will be planted by and is truly a gift to the planet.